Your Daily Task Calendar

Designed With Minimalism in Mind

Set Daily Tasks

With a minimal design and simplicity in mind, we’re confident we can help you plan, manage and track daily goals effortlessly.

Adding a task on Taskcaly calendar app mobile.
Taskcaly task calendar selecting repeat option on mobile view.

Set Repeating Tasks

Looking to start a new habit? Great! Let Taskall help with it’s daily, weekly, and monthly repeating tasks function. 

Drag Tasks Around

Press, hold and drag to any day. Effortless! Sigh.

Taskcaly drag and drop task on another day.
Taskcaly task calendar sync tasks between mobile and tablet.

Device Sync

Trouble-free syncing between iPhone and iPad.

Taskcaly task calendar fitness example.

Great For Workout Routines

Skip leg day? No worries! Simply long press, drag and drop onto another day. Sweet, right?

Taskcaly task calendar homework example.

Track School Work

Keep that goal within reach.

Taskcaly task calendar family use case example.

Stay on Top of Errands

No better way to focus on what needs to be done today.

Taskcaly calendar mobile bills use case example.

Set Repeating Bills

Having second thoughts if that bill was paid, well worry no more.

Taskcaly calendar mobile habit use case example.

Build Awesome Habits

10,000 hours won't happen on there own. Master anything by setting daily repeating tasks.

Taskcaly calendar supplement use case example.

Don't Forget Your Supplements

Stay healthy by being consistent.

Taskcaly Task Calendar business use case example.

Juggle Bussiness and Service

Have a clear view of varied schedules.

Taskcaly task calendar water plant example.

Keep That Plant Alive

Plants will thank you for being reliable.